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 Vicomed Medical Group (“Yangtze Medical”) is one of leading manufacturers of wound care and surgical dressings in China. Founded in 1992, we specialize in manufacturing, R & D and marketing medical gauze products and surgical dressings non-woven disposable products, and absorbent cotton wool products under its own "Vicomed Medical" brand.After more than 20years growth, Vicomed now has developed into a highly innovated technology company, vertically integrated with R&D, manufacturing, export, online selling distribution and E-export platform; and has achieved the leading role in exporting wound care and medical disposable industry in China in the past 20 years.
  Vicomed Medical is located in Wuhan and Huanggang, Hubei Province, China. It is beside Yangtze River and the transport hub of whole China.Vicomed factory with an area of 100,000 ㎡ including GMP manufacturing buildings and construction facility with an area of 50,000 ㎡, we havethe capacity of whole production process including weaving, bleaching, dyeing, processing, packaging and sterilizing. With more than 1,000 staffs, various looms, folding machines, sewing machines, sterile package equipment and bandages machines of more than 1000 sets, and pure oxide roll-type-bleaching lines. Our Medical supplies production capacity is more than 600 x 40' FCL per year.
  Vicomed Medical has created an excellent and stable management team undergoing professional learning and training, and more than 80% of managers at all levels having more than ten or even over twenty years production and management experience in medical industry. In addition, it has excellent hardware facilities including the plant with GMP layout, high-quality and abundant water, electrical and gas complementary facilities, green and eco-friendly water treatment and sewage treatment facilities, fully functional inspecting and testing facilities to meet different customer demands on packaging and sterilizing equipment.
  With worldwide well-known reputation, “Vicomed” trademark has been recognized as “Chinese Well-Known Trademark” by China Government and worldwide customers, and registered in approximately 50 countries and regions. Vicomed Medical is one of the firstcompanies with full product lines in medical disposable market, which registered in FDA in the U.S., and also one of the first companiespassedISO9001, ISO13485 and CE. Its products conform to pharmacopoeia of Europe, US, Japan and China, and are quality benchmarks of the medical disposable industry.
  In the quality principle of “First Rate Quality, First Rate Management, First Rate Technology and Global Market” and the responsibility of meeting customer demands and needs, it has established a complete and effective quality system
  Having established stable global market for so many years, we have a group of worldwidecompanies and customers that have mutual trust and long-term cooperation. In early1990s, we have succeeded in bringing inGermany “Paul Hartmann AG” to import from our China medical industry and establish Paul Hartmann manufacturing base in China. In early 2000s, we have succeeded in helping USA “Dynarex Corporation” establish China purchase systems and USA market share. Having many years’close business cooperation with a group of international famous companies, we have supported them to have achieved great success in acquiring dominant market share, etc. Europe and North American Market are always our main business market for development. Furthermore, we have achieved enormous development with markets in Europe, Japan, South America, Australia and Southeast Asia in recent years with a broad prospect and limitless business opportunities.
  "Pursuit the best quality and health, innovation and creation!"with our new business model set up, new industrial structure to expand medical market, we have developed a strategic plan for our Chinamedical industry using following main steps in the strategic planning process.The goal of developing the strategic plan is to create for Vicomed a competitive advantage - the aggregation of factors that sets Viocmed apart from its competitors and gives it a unique position in the market. Vicomed builds a competitive edge on its core competencies, which are a unique set of capabilities that Vicomed develops in key operational areas, such as joint-venture, production, quality, service, innovation,responsiveness, IT and the whole systems that allow Vicomed to vault past competitors. It helps Vicomed identify target market segments, the way to differentiate Vicomed from competitors, and determine how to position Vicomed in Chinaand world market. Furthermore,Vicomed expect in about 3 years to successfully initiate “Vicomed Cotton World” to develop new-fashioned and comfortable medical grade household cotton products,and introduce medical products to daily use.Vicomed is bringing the new ideas to thousands of families, aiming to improve people’s living standards, create and build a healthier and better life modelfor the people all over the world.